5 Reasons to Learn Code - This Are Real Reasons
5 Reasons to Learn Code - This Are Real Reasons

In this video I want to share my 5 reason why do you need to learn programming and why I think that this is one of the best jobs in the world. Also make sure that you want video until the end because I will share my 6th bonus reason which I think is extremely important.
Let's jump right into it.

Just to clarity I prioritised all my reasons here from most important to less important.

Reason #1 is of course money.

Everybody are working to earn money and earning more is obviously better. If somebody is saying that he doesn't work for money he either 20 years old or he doesn't have responsibilities like feeding a family or he is lying. It's not a secret that programming is payed really good in most of the countries. Which means even if you change country you can always get a decent job and live more relaxed than other people. Also it's normally not super stressful, it's doesn't require physical strength or working outside in winter.

And here is something that I continuously hear every day. A lot of people are saying that you should not become programmer if you doesn't feel like you want being a programmer or if you just learn it because of the money. This is complete garbage. It's like saying the plumber that he shouldn't work for money or that it's not a good job for him. It is fine to work for money, it is fine to learn some profession because you want to earn more and live better. Sure you may have some joy and feeling that this is exactly what you want to do in you life but even if you do it just for money it doesn't immediately means that you are doing it bad.

Reason #2 is remote work.

It is simply amazing to be able to work remote is you have to. Sure not all people like working from home for example but I think 2020 showed once again that if your work can be remote you will continue to earn money, you won't have problems that you just sit at home, you can't work and you simple don't have a source of money. Programming allows remote work and this is super important point nowadays. Also I can see that after lots of companies try to move online completely or at least make full remote possible because it is cheaper for them and allow them to function in case of pandemic.

Reason #3 is no competition

The market of programmers is really unique. For programmers it's super simple: we just learn how to code, improve our knowledge and get jobs. If we have lots of experience we can find a nice job in a matter of day. Because in this niche there is no competition. Sure it can be that there is a nice position and a lot of developers want to apply there but it is really rarely. Normally if we are talking about big city there are hundreds of companies and everybody need programmers. So it's not like in other professions where you always have 10-50 people on a single position every single time. Here you always have 1 on 1 interview and there is almost no competition to get a job. And even if you don't have enough knowledge but you are promising you might get an offer because the amount of programmers is still smaller than market needs.

It also feels different to work in developers society than in other areas. People are more relaxed because they don't have an office ladder that they need to conquer. To get better position they just need more knowledge and experience.

Reason #4 building possibilities

My next reason is that programming allow you to build things because of the knowledge that you have. I you want to try and build some project that maybe will be popular or will earn you money you can. Just because you don't need to pay somebody for programming a project. You can do it in your free time and you don't need to pay anybody to make a small prototype of your project ideas. So programming doesn't only allow you to earn money but also to build things which may become popular.

Reason #5 job is not boring.

My next reason is that programming is not boring. You get new challenges every day and even after 5 or 10 years there are still interesting things to do at work even if you are programming the same language because you are getting new frameworks, new projects, new problems. It's something that doesn't exist in every profession. Also because you can change your language or area where you are working for something completely different you always get a lot of new stuff. If you are jumping from doing frontend in web to mobile development or developing of maps it's completely other challenges, problems and area of expertise.

Bonus reason - thinking as a programmer

Here is my bonus reason that I find really important and not a lot of people think about it. As you see the whole world around us is going in technologies. We have smart phones, smart cars, most of us in any profession work every day with computer, we have millions of gadgets what we can buy and use. But here is a huge problem that I see for people who are not deep in technologies. People have problems with all thing technologies. Maybe your favorite website doesn't work because you need just to clean cookie or your home server doesn't work for some reason. Thinking as a programmer and be able to understand things better than non tech people help us living easier in world full of technologies.

I don't know how many times by using some app or solving some tech problem which is not related to programming I thought "OMG this is so complicated. It's difficult even for me with all my tech background. How is it then for people who doesn't know anything about technologies".

So thinking as a programmer and understanding technologies just simplifies living.

So here is a sum up of my 6 reasons:
- Money
- Remote work
- No competition
- Possibilities to build things on your own
- Job is not boring
- It simplifies living in tech world

So don't be afraid to start. Of course it's not easy but the amount of benefits when you are successful are enormous.

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