5 Tips to become a better front end developer
5 Tips to become a better front end developer

Hello and welcome back to the channel. In this video I want to share with you my 5 tips of becoming a better frontend developer. And at the end I will share my bonus tip which is really important for every developer so make sure that you watch it until the end.
Let's jump right into it.

Tip #1

Focus on your stack first. And this is super important. If you are doing javascript apps using React just focus on all technologies than you need to do it better. Master Javascript, improve React knowledge, get enough css and html knowledge. But don't start learning other framework and new hyped technology even if you can use it later. So don't jump for learning even something useful like Typescript if in your current company you don't have it at all and you don't feel like to know already you own stack on the good level. First you need to learn what you are paid for and not just from one technology to other even if you really want to.

Tip #2

When you are confident in technologies that you are using every day go any try other language. For frontenders I recommend looking on backend language and it should not be Node. This will simplify communication with backend developers, you will better understand what that are doing and how things on backend are done. Also other language helps to see pros and cons of your main language because you start to see different approaches and solutions to solve problems and this is why it should be the same javascript with Node. I always highly recommend ruby with ruby on rails as a nice example of building solutions fast with good architecture and patterns but of course you can choose any language that you see benefit for you in the future. Maybe you want to jump in Java later for more money or in Python to do some machine learning.

Tip #3

Have a look on functional languages or at least ways to do it in functional way. I see in a lot of people that after learning functional programming their code becomes more elegant, clean and robust. If you don't want to learn other language at least check functional approaches in javascript like for example Ramda library. By the way I have a full course on functional javascript using Ramda. I will link it down in the description.

Tip #4

Learn Typescript additionally to Javascript because this is where everything is going. As Javascript is not typed language it's super easy to make a mistake and get a runtime error. Typescript nowadays is a clear winner in javascript world to cover your application with types. And actually learning, using and writing architecture through types and interfaces in Typescript is not easy and takes time but all companies (especially medium and big) are going in the strong typed direction because it makes your applications better planned and robust and obviously it's much better to get a compile error in typescript than a runtime error on production.

Tip #5

If you know javascript quite good go check repositories on Github or other people. This is not an easy task but will improve your speed of understanding the code of other people and give you a lot of knowledge about solving tasks differently, seeing better naming, structuring of the projects or libraries and much more. Of course it takes patients and time. And sure you need to pick a library or project which is interesting for you. For example for me it was really interesting long ago to check the code of Lodash and Ramda libraries because I wanted to better understand how some functions are working or written inside this 2 libraries. Also you should make sure that you really understand all code, syntax and ideas. This will improve your javascript knowledge significantly. Of course you can do the same with css, node or other languages also.

Bonus Tip #6

And here is my bonus tip which is actually the most important here. It's soft skills. It doesn't matter how good you are in programming if you are not reliable, supportive and friendly. Nobody cares about you programming skills if you don't fit in the team. So always try to look on your behaviour from outside. Do people like to work with you? Do you help them or solve their problems. Do they want to help you? If you get 3 YES here you are doing everything correctly. All this stuff simplifies working, you avoid overtimes because you are helping each other and you likely be promoted because of good feedback than just because of your programming skills.

I hope that this tips will help you to become a better developer. If I forget some important tips please write down in the comments below.

Also if you want to improve your programming skill I have lots of full courses regarding different web technologies.