Reasons Why I Love Being a Programmer (Only Important Things)
Reasons Why I Love Being a Programmer (Only Important Things)

Hello and welcome back to the channel. In this video you will learn my 5 things that are most important from be about being a programmer. So let's jump right into it.

In previous video I shared with you my 5 things that I don't like in being a programmer and how I'm fixing them.

All points here are prioritised from the most important to least important.

Money and working conditions

So the most important is obviously money and comfort. Programming allow you to have a good life and get paid higher then other professions. If you check any developed country you can see that salaries of developers, especially in big cities and higher than average salaries on the market. This is because of high demand and quite a lot of knowledge that you need to learn in order to work as a developer.

Also comfort is really what programming can give you. You are working remotely from home or in warm and comfortable office with free coffee and snacks, you normally don't have dress code and your working hours are quite flexible. You can start earlier or later, normally nobody cares. You have enough time for lunch, don't have overtimes which makes living quite a pleasant thing. And lots of this stuff that programmers are getting out of the box simply don't exist in other professions.

People in other professions need to sell some stuff, work with people, work outside in cold and rain without even eating a proper lunch. This is why the possible money that you can earn and working conditions of programmers are simply amazing.

Easy find a job and your profession will be around long time

Programming is one of the few professions which is super popular and needed. In other professions I see 2 popular cases: either you are getting 50 people for one place or you are really needed but your knowledge can be applied in small amount of companies because you have some needed but narrow knowledge. In programming on the other hand you have both hundreds of companies that want to hire you are not enough programmers so you constantly get new offers.

Also there are talk going last 10 years that programmers needs is a bubble and soon we won't need so many programmers and lot's of people will be thrown out. The fun fact is that it's completely the opposite. The need in programmers are getting higher but actually because programmers are constantly simplify processes and technologies are evolving people who are working on job which can be automated will have problems in the nearest future. So I feel like programmers will be around for a long time but not the simple jobs which can be automated.

Code opens opportunities (changing the country)

Programming is a world of endless opportunities and the better you are the more opportunities you get. I already talked in previous video that we have a possibility to create startups, own projects in our free time without paying money and hiring people which is extremely valuable. Also as programmers are so needed that you can move to other country and get a working visa for example. This is exactly my experience and I think it's much easier and fast than go to other country to study and then after try to get job there to be allowed to stay so programming opens lots of the doors for you.

The joy to be a things creator and problems solver

One more point that is important for me is a joy to be a creator and a problems solver. Every day we create new things. Sure they not always unique but not all professions are so creative. You make things that hundreds or thousands of people are using every day. You simplify work of this people with things that you are creating. Also it's really easy to see peoples feedback about your work and understand how much problems did you solve for them.

The joy of learning new stuff

And the last point is about learning new things. Technologies are constantly evolving and if you want to be in scope and valuable on the market you need to understand trends and learn new things almost every day. It can be exhausting especially as a beginner when you don't have enough knowledge to understand what will be popular later and what's not. But learning new stuff is always fun because you are getting new skills, new views on problems and new solutions that people in other frameworks or languages are using. So it's not possible like in other professions that you invest 2-3 years of your life to learn everything and then you will use it until the end of your life. You will learn non stop here if you want to keep up with our fast technology world.

So this were my 5 things that I love about being programmer. What are yours? Write me down in the comments below!

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