What Is Deno and Do You Need to Learn It?
What Is Deno and Do You Need to Learn It?

In this video you will learn what is Deno, do you need to learn it, is it better than Node or not and how difficult it is to learn Deno? We will also discuss if Deno will replace Node.js.

So what is Deno? It's a simple, secure and modern runtime for JavaScript and Typescript.

So the first and the most important question is "Is it Dino or Deno". What is the correct pronunciation? Them main author of Deno said that it's Deno and not Dino. Because he planned it like the new Node which is modern and he simply switched the letters in the word Node. And much much later they decided to a dinosaur on the logo and now it is Deno. But basically both variants are correct. One is the correctly pronounced word dinosaur and the other is the initial name which was Dino.

And this brings us to the next question. Who is the author of Deno? Ryan Dahl is the author and if you don't know who he is, he is the initial creator of nodejs. And for me actually it means a lot. Because the guy who created nodejs for sure knows something. And he knows a lot about problems that nodejs has inside nowadays and this is why he knows how to improve it or make it better or build something new which will be better.

The next question is "Do you need to spend time in learning Deno"? Or it doesn't make any sense or it's too early to say that it will be popular technology and so on. So here is my answer. Now Deno has a version 1.3 which means that it came out of the beta not that long ago and now it is the first stable version. This means for me that it's not production ready for sure but you can start learning it, investing some time in it and try things in it. So the short answer: If you just look for NodeJS as a backend language or nodejs just to build your frontend than just take nodejs. If you don't know Nodejs at all it doesn't make any sense to invest your time in Deno. Better invest your time in NodeJS and then after some time when you will get used to it and you can easy use Node in production then come and check Deno once again.

So now I assume that you have some experience with NodeJS and you at least want to check something new and you heard something about Deno.

The next question is "is it difficult to learn Deno or not?". Because basically it's a new technology and normally you need quite some time to learn something new. And it has something in relation to my other question "Will Deno be popular or not?". And the main idea of Deno that it is build with the same ideas like Node was. Which means you can write there JavaScript and Typescript and if you already wrote Node appliations I think you are familiar with both of them or at least JavaScript and this means that all ideas that you have in Node are there in Deno. And this is why it will be so easy to jump from Node to Deno and this is why I think that it will be popular. Because people don't need to know anything else and they just need to jump and a little bit tackle things that Deno makes differently. Which means it's not like jumping from JavaScript to Ruby where you need to learn all new concepts, new language and a new framework.

My other point for Deno is that people will know that Deno is build by the guy who build Nodejs. And it will be the very important point for example for big companies. Because they don't want risk and they want to understand that the person who makes something understands what he is doing. And that he will be there for quite some time.

Of course Deno is super new. Which means there are no big companies which support it yet and of course no big companies are using it in production.

So from my perspective we need to wait at least 1 year so that big companies start using it and try it and Deno will have time to improve itself and fix some bugs if they are there.

I hope that this video helps you to understand what is Deno and if you need to learn it or not.

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