Best Angular Resources for Learning - Websites, Youtube Videos, Courses and Books
Best Angular Resources for Learning - Websites, Youtube Videos, Courses and Books

In this post, I'll share the best Angular resources for beginners and advanced developers. I've included both free and paid options.

Official Documentation

Let's begin with something that's not recommended: the old Angular documentation.

Old website

The website used to be the main source of documentation for Angular. However, it's often dry, outdated, and difficult to understand. I don't recommend spending time on this website, and if you happen to land there through a search, be cautious when gathering knowledge from it.

That's why the Angular team created a brand new website,, after releasing Angular 17. They aimed to address these issues and improve the documentation experience.

new website

This new website,, is excellent. You can find comprehensive documentation and tutorials there, which are better written and less dry. There are plenty of code examples and interactive tutorials available directly in your browser. As you go through the tutorials, you can write code and see your changes in the preview.

Moreover, there's a full-blown playground for Angular projects where you can create any Angular application you want just by changing the code. It's a fantastic resource for learning and experimenting with Angular.


If you're working with Angular, you'll likely want to delve deeper into state management. Many companies use NgRx, which is a state management solution specifically designed for Angular.


The most popular resource for learning NgRx is the official website. Here, you're in good hands as the documentation is written exceptionally well. You'll find documentation for all its libraries like ngrx/store, ngrx/effects, ngrx/signals, and others. There are tutorials, architecture patterns, and recipes for solving the most common problems.

Another important library in our list is Angular Material.

angular material

Angular Material is a UI library that provides various components with styling and logic. Since it's directly supported by the Angular team, it's a safe choice if you need a UX library. You'll get access to numerous components, theming options, and everything else you might need for your user interface.

Courses & Videos

Now, let's talk about free content. If you're a beginner, you're probably looking for Angular tutorials tailored for beginners. I'm a big fan of using video content to learn new things. However, when I tried to find suitable videos for beginners on YouTube, I struggled to find anything good.

angular for beginners

I see that I have my own Angular for beginners series here, which is 2 hours long, but it's three years old and doesn't cover any new features. However, I believe it's done well from my perspective.

But I understand if you're looking for newer content. If you're watching new videos, you should be cautious. If you notice that the instructor is using any everywhere or using promises instead of observables, then it's not a good video. However, for beginners, it can be difficult to determine if a video is good or bad. So, you might want to check the comments section of the video at least.


The next resource I want to share with you is a paid one. It's a Udemy course by Maximilian Schwarzmuller, which I highly recommend. This course is extensive, spanning 36 hours, and covers a wide range of topics within Angular. Personally, I'm a big fan of him as an instructor, and I highly recommend this course.


Another resource I recommend is my own YouTube video on Angular interview questions. Once you've mastered your Angular skills and are preparing for an interview, this video will be invaluable. It covers not only Angular but also TypeScript and RxJS, which are two essential components of Angular knowledge.

angular ngrx

If you already have some Angular skills but haven't built your own real project yet, I highly recommend checking out this video where we build a real application from start to finish using Angular and NgRx. It's fully typed with TypeScript, without taking any shortcuts.

If you're interested in learning Angular with NgRx from an empty folder to a fully functional production application, be sure to check out my course on Angular and NgRx - Building Real Project From Scratch.