Copilot X - The Future of Programming and AI in Your Editor
Copilot X - The Future of Programming and AI in Your Editor

In this post you will learn what is Copilot X and why it will change the future of the development.

I already made a post about Copilot. If you don't know what is this it's a AI assistant inside your editor and it autocompletes the code that you write in the best possible way.

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So it helps a lot to write code faster and eliminates writing boilerplate as you can autocomplete it with AI.

Copilot X

But last week we got some news about Copilot X. This is a new idea how to improve Copilot which is not released yet and for not it is not defined when it will be released.

Let's have a look.

Copilot X

Here you can see that they want to merge Github Copilot with OpenAI GPT-4 and integrate it inside your editor even more. Previously inside Copilot we had just autocomplete for our code. So we write code, Copilot sends it to the Github, we are getting autocomplete and it gets back to our editor.

Now they want to bring it on the next level. Essentially they want to inject ChatGPT inside your editor and you will get not just autocomplete but also ChatGPT inside. So ChatGPT on the fly will understand what code you have.

Actually you can use it without Copilot X already if you just copy paste your code in ChatGPT and ask questions but it is not that comfortable.


This is how it is planned. This is just a chat with your code and you can ask here questions or AI for you can debug your code and find errors or just help you to refactor this code.

So this is the next step how you can work with AI more effectively.

AI on the fly can analyze your code

Now we are talking just about a single file which is being edited. But it might be that in the future we don't need to do that at all, it will analyze not only an opened file but maybe the whole project and then it can find errors even in other files.

So essentially Copilot X is an integration of ChatGPT inside your editor.

But as OpenAI and Github belong to Microsoft it is obvious that all Microsoft products will have a top notch AI support everywhere.


For example here you can see their ideas how they want to integrate AI not just inside the editor but also inside Github. When you create a pull request you can get an autocomplete from AI regarding your changes.

It will save quite a lot of time if AI can understand your code and write in the best possible way what was changed.

And additionally to that they want to bring AI to your CLI. Now we need to write correct commands but with AI we can just say what needs to be done. In this case we don't need to remember all attributes or difficult commands.

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